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Building our Future Student Scholarship

The CTC Leadership Development Association sponsors the “Building Our Future” scholarship program. The scholarship is designed to encourage well-qualified and motivated community and technical college students to pursue the academic credentials that would allow them to assume administrative or faculty positions in the Washington state community and technical college system. 

Students who graduate from community or technical colleges and then complete their academic requirements for a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree have the potential to be effective administrators and instructors since they have first-hand experience with community and technical colleges. They will bring a special dimension to our campuses and have an allegiance to our mission and goals. They will become role models and provide support to current faculty and staff members, as well as students. 

The scholarship of $1,200 is to provide assistance for tuition, books and related educational expenses. The scholarship is intended to support community or technical college graduates who will continue their academic studies (e.g. junior year) at a baccalaureate institution (including our own community colleges) immediately after completing their Associate in Arts, Associate in Sciences or other transfer degree. The purpose of the scholarship is to actively recruit and support students who are seriously considering a community or technical college teaching or administrative career upon completion of college. 


Scholarships are for those who have: 

  • completed or will complete their associate degree at an CTC Leadership Development Association member community or technical college during the year they are considered for the scholarship, (All Washington Community Colleges are members except Yakima Valley Community College) 
  • been admitted to a baccalaureate college prior to receiving the scholarship, 
  • a minimum cumulative college-level G.P.A. of 3.0, 
  • expressed a sincere and serious desire to teach and/or be an administrator at a Washington state community or technical college, 
  • enrolled or will enroll for at least one class by the baccalaureate college, and 
  • at least two letters of recommendation from community or technical college faculty members or administrators attesting to the student’s ability to complete a degree, their seriousness in completing the degree, and their expressed interest in teaching or administering at a community or technical college. One of these letters must be from their intended major field of study, or the discipline preparatory to that administrative field at the community or technical college level. The other can be from any faculty or administrative staff member who knows the student’s work and goals. Click here for recommendation guidelines.

$1,200 awarded and used during the 2017 – 2018 academic year. 

Announcements of the scholarship will be distributed to all community and technical colleges.  Applications are due by May 1, 2018. 

Announcement of the winner(s) will occur at The CTC Development Association Summer Conference  on August 16 and 17, 2017 at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane. 

The scholarship award will be dispersed through the financial aid or bursar’s office of the college or university the recipient will attend.

Application for the scholarship program must include: 

  • the completed scholarship application, including the required one page essay on the student’s interest in a Washington state community or technical college career, 
  • copies of all college transcripts, and 
  • Letters of Recommendation 
  • from community or technical college faculty members or administrators.  Recommendations must address: 
    • Ability to succeed 
    • Motivation to succeed 
    • Strong interest expressed to teach/administer at a Washington community or technical college 

 (Please provide copies of the “Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation” to each faculty/administrator who is to write a letter.)

Please be aware that this process is quite competitive.  The quality of letters of reference and the completed application are both very important factors in the evaluation process. 


Apply Now

Applications Due May 1, 2018